Assam Inter Caste Marriage Scheme 2024 – Apply Online and Avail Exclusive Benefits

Assam Inter Caste Marriage Scheme has been started by the Directorate of Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Department of Tribal Affairs (Plain), Government of Assam. Under this scheme, newly married intercast couples will receive cash benefits from the government. If you are a resident of Assam and desire to know in detail about this initiative of the Government of Assam, then you are on the right page. Further in this article, you will get detailed information about the Financial Incentive to Inter-Castes Marriage Scheme including eligibility criteria, the application process, benefits, and more.

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Assam Inter Caste Marriage Scheme 2024

In our society, caste-based discrimination remains a persistent issue, with certain castes being afforded higher social status and prestige than others. This division has led to the creation of separate communities, perpetuating a system of graded inequality. One prominent feature of this system is the practice of endogamy, where individuals are expected to marry within their own caste, prohibiting inter-caste marriages.

Recognizing the need to address this social challenge, the Government of Assam has initiated the Inter Caste Marriage Scheme, officially named the Financial Incentive to Inter-Caste Marriage. The primary objective of this scheme is to combat caste discrimination by providing financial incentives to couples and their parents when marriages occur between individuals from general castes and scheduled castes. This proactive step aims to encourage and support inter-caste marriages, fostering social harmony and dismantling barriers that perpetuate caste-based discrimination in the region.

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Assam Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme Details

  • Name of the scheme: Assam Inter Caste Marriage Scheme
  • Launched by: Directorate of Welfare of Scheduled Castes
  • Department: Department of Tribal Affairs (Plain), Government of Assam
  • Launched for: newly married inter-caste couple
  • Benefits: monetary
  • Mode of application: online
  • Official site:

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Objective of Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

The Assam Inter Caste Marriage Yojana, launched by the Directorate of Welfare of Scheduled Castes under the Department of Tribal Affairs (Plain), Government of Assam, is driven by the primary goal of eradicating caste-based discrimination. The scheme is designed to recognize and commend couples who undertake the socially progressive decision of inter-caste marriage. As a token of appreciation for this bold step, the Assam government will provide financial incentives to both the parents and the couples involved in inter-caste marriages. This initiative underscores the commitment to fostering an inclusive society, challenging traditional norms, and promoting equality within the diverse fabric of Assam.

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Assam Inter Caste Marriage Scheme Benefits

  • The scheme has been started by the Government of Assam.
  • This scheme is beneficial for newly married inter-caste couple& their parents.
  • The main aim is to appreciate the socially bold step of an inter-caste marriage, taken by the newly married couple.
  • Under this scheme, the government is going to give Rs. 50000/- to each married couple.
  • Marriage should take place between general caste and scheduled caste girl & boy.
  • In a year 100 inter-caste married couples will be benefited.
  • This scheme will spread the value of liberty equality, fraternity, etc’ in the society
  • Marriage should be valid as per Indian law.
  • No incentive will be given for a second marriage
  • The amount will directly be transferred to the bank account of the Bride/ Groom/ Joint Account of the couple through DBT Transfer.
  • If you have submitted any false/ fabricated information to the competent authority then you will get punishment as per the law in force.

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Eligibility Criteria for Assam Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

To grab the benefits, you must meet the eligibility conditions specified below:-

  • Applicant should be a permanent resident of Assam
  • Marriage should be taken place between general caste & scheduled caste couple
  • Marriage should be valid as per the Indian law
  • It should be your first marriage; no incentive will be given for the Second marriage or subsequent marriage.

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Documents Required

  • Caste certificate of husband & wife
  • Proof of General caste of husband or wife
  • Marriage certificate issued by the sub-Registra.
  • A joint photo of the couple
  • Bank account details of bride/ groom/ joint account of couple.

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Selection Process

  • Selection will be made by the selection committee
  • The committee is headed by the DirectorofwelfareofSCAssam as Chairperson
  • Dy.DirectorofwelfareofSCAssam will be the Member secretary.
  • Other members of the committee will be the JointSecretarytotheGovt. ofAssamWPT&BCDeptt., Research Assistants, Progressive Assistance, and the Superintendent of the Directorate.
  • Selection will be made based on the fulfillment of all the eligibility criteria by the applicants.

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Assam Inter Caste Marriage Scheme Online Application Procedure

Contenders have to look over the guidelines once before applying for the scheme. If you find yourself eligible then follow the step-by-step instructions given below to apply:-

  • To apply for the scheme, you have to rush to the official website of the Directorate of Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Department of Tribal Affairs (Plain), Government of Assam
  • From the home page of the portal go to the How do I? section and choose more option
  • A new page will open on the screen from where you have to choose to Apply for Financial Incentives for Inter-Caste Marriages
  • A new page will open on the screen with the apply link
  • Choose the link and follow the screen
  • Fill the application form with significant information like
  • Name of brideName of groomCasteDate of birthContact number
  • Bank account details etc.
  • Complete the application and attach the documents with the form
  • Apply for careful review within 3 years of marriage.

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